Dear Megyn Kelly:
I am pretty much indifferent towards, ahem, “journalists” unless one of you does something exceptionally good or exceptionally bad. To wit, I admire Christine Amanpour for her devotion to her craft, and likewise despise Geraldo for, well, mainly, being Geraldo. 

Let’s get right to the point, shall we? Your question to that blowhard #donaldtrump regarding the “war on women” has gotten a lot of traction. There can be no doubt that Trump has zero respect for women. But here’s the problem. Donald Trump has zero respect for anyone who is not Donald Trump. He began the evening by telling the other Republican candidates and voters that he doesn’t care about their party. That is how he started. That is his square one. I am here, on stage, vying for the Republican nomination, but I don’t care about the Republicans. Of course he doesn’t care about women! He ALSO doesn’t care about men. 

But do you know who SHOULD care about women? You. Basically last night I saw a woman who is attractive by Western standards try to call a man out for ripping on women for the exact things that women try to use as leverage. Their looks. Not all women use physical appeal in this way. And some men do it. But for the most part, women in this country (myself included) spend an inordinate amount of time trying to look as good as possible. And men spend an inordinate amount of time trying to earn money. There is crossover. Women make money, too. But we all know that no matter now much coin a bitch rakes in, there is still a question of how fast she lost the “baby weight” (mine is almost gone, its only been seventeen years, give me a fucking break, geez.) And no one cares if a dude is the hottest homeless guy at the shelter. I know you work for Fox. But even you have to admit that Darwin was onto something.  

Given the fact that The Donald called our sitting president STUPID, how is it a war on women for him to call Rosie O’Donnell a fat pig? It seems to me that Trump is an equal opportunity offender. He takes shots at the things that he believes are peoples weaknesses. He thinks government officials should be smart and television personalities should be attractive. And given the fact that the only reason you were at the debate is your career choice of repeated attempts to bust people in the political world for various mistakes, AND by the looks of your over botoxed forehead and Charo-level false eyelashes, I would say that you wholeheartedly agree with his sentiments. 

In other words, you are the problem. Not the solution. 

There is no more tedious conversation in the world than one with a self righteous whore. Now that Paula Deen has been put out to pasture, no one benefits from Rosie O’Donnell’s physical appearance more than you. Without the stereotypes you pretend to debunk, you would be giving hand jobs to your husband with one hand while folding laundry with your other hand just like the rest of us.  

Give it a rest. 


#megynkelly #foxnews #republicandebate 

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